Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Duly Noted.

Oh Nelly, was it getting hot in here. With Elyse cruising EVERYWHERE, school out, and crazy boys I knew I had to get some structure built-in to our weeks quick. So, we found a great sitter twice a week {who ever said you actually have to go somewhere to feel like you're on vacation?}, signed the boys up for a couple of classes, and started planning some one-on-one outings for Bart and I, as well as Bart or I with one of our children. 

First up was a swimming class for the boys. Now that Grant is 3 (and fully potty trained I might I add!), I'm loving how we can now group him with Benjamin for classes. This was actually the first class that Grant has taken without me doing it with him (Bart and/or I would just observe on the sidelines) and it was so satisfying and fun to watch him....OUR BABY.... trusting his coach (they became good buds), pushing himself, and feeling ever so proud of himself. 

Next up was a shopping day with Benjamin and I. I don't know why, but both boys really like going on errands with me. It can even be something boring like me going to the dentist and they're always like "Me too! Me too!" So, on this past Memorial Day Bart was able to stay home with Grant and Elyse and off Benjamin and I went to find some summer shoes (btw- good thing we had all day to do this because boy shoes that aren't covered in some type of superhero, camouflage, or Disney movie are soooooo hard to find in Logan especially since Famous Footwear in the mall has now closed). We first went to Old Navy and within minutes Benjamin had decked himself out in "cool older boys clothes" head to toe. Seriously, I blinked and suddenly there was our 4 1/2 year old dressed in flip flops (which I don't like for kids since they don't offer any protection over their toes, or arch support), a belt, and a Spiderman hat turned sideways staring at some teenage boys in the store throwing around a football (can someone tell me why a clothing store carries balls?! Balls are everywhere in that store...bouncy ones, soccer ones, football ones. I think they need a sign in there that says "Shop Carefully"). Sigh. Anyway, it's goodbye to cardigans, plaid shorts, and boating shoes and hello to anything Under Armor or Nike for Benjamin. We compromised with him telling me that he'll still wear polos and dress shoes to church....I'll take it! :)

Time with a sitter. We've gone on and off and on with sitters for awhile and each time we get on a regular schedule with one life feels soooo much lighter even though I still usually have one child with me. While our sitter is here it's so nice TO HAVE TIME with that ONE CHILD whether it be out on a walk, swimming, reading, or even napping with them. Even though I'm a full time mom, I don't want to let the chaotic-nesss of keeping track of everyone take over MY TIME TO ENJOY THEM. It's like that book....All Joy And No Fun (which my husband heard about on NPR and bought....I too have found quite interesting) which talks both freely and scientifically about the complexities of  parenting.

Get togethers with friends and family. I really love to entertain and was one of the reasons that got me super excited about buying our first to host!  So far we've already had a couple of get togethers in our new outdoor space where we've been able to relax in the shade, take part in some adult conversation, and eat something that wasn't pizza all while our kids joyously played around us. p.s. speaking of outdoor entertaining, whatever you do DO NOT EVER wash a vinyl tablecloth OR put it in the dryer! Let's just say I did both (I like things really clean!). The washer left scrape marks all over them (even on gentle cycle), but I like having even the used ones for crafts/messy activities, so then I tumble dried them on low for a few minutes since the gentle cycle left them totally soaked. Well, I'm here to share that heated up vinyl is not a good thing and I had to scrub for a good hour to get the melted vinyl off of our back metal dryer plate. Thankfully, I was able to get it all off but I kept thinking how silly that was for me to even attempt to do! :O

Going to church. Now that our children are older we've been practicing going to church as often as possible. As I wrote about here, I still have many memories that stemmed deep within my early childhood and would like to provide the same for our children even if that means letting Grant hang upside down from my lap, repeatedly count the number of windows out loud (and sometimes really loud), and eat all of Elyse's Cheerios. Last week Benjamin also felt propelled to do a cartwheel. In church. Really? Yes. And Elyse is convinced her high pitched screams go quite well with the lovely tune of everyone else singing...I guess we all have our own way of expressing praise to the Lord! And for those of you wondering why our children aren't in a nursery, it's because our church does not have one. This is because our Priests have always believed children come from God and are therefore always a welcomed addition to our congregation.

Hoping all of you are off to a great start of summer! If not, remember the above Albert Einstein quote: 
"Life is like a bicycle in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." WE MUST!

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  1. I too, don't love flip flops for kids for the same reason, but oh I could not resist Kenley's face when she spotted some sparkly Minnie Mouse ones at Target. She LOVES those darn things!