Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jeans Round-Up

I know how daunting it can be to venture into denim territory especially when your size has changed, or you're interested in taking on a different kind of style but don't know what's even in-style anymore. I also think finding the right cut of jeans is super important and very satisfying when you learn what works for you and what doesn't. You know the Almond Joy saying..."Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't?" That's the way I feel about jeans. So, here's the skinny, the straight, the boot-cut, and the roll-up on my favorites.* 

*featuring special consideration for women who have had children but don't want to give up on looking and feeling good.

Hallelujah for jeans that I can move in, feel skinny in, and look in-style in! I really feel like I hit the jackpot with these jeans. They're VERY flattering (even if you have muscular type legs like me), easy to move in, and even come in the option for a short inseam which was perfect for me, and I'm 5'5. Found sizing to be true to size. Plus, as my sister likes to say..."There's always a sale at Banana."

 Brand of these makes me laugh....they're called NYDJ which stands for Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They're known for their genius smoothing + slimming panel around the waist and lower belly, which I was unsure about, but really like because it's unnoticeable and still very movable. The feel of the denim is what I like the most about this pair though. They're very soft and well made, hence the $120 price tag. Sometimes Nordstoms runs a sale on them, which is where I first bought them, but it was only in Petite which was too short for me with this brand. That's the great thing about Nordstoms and Zappos....they both offer FREE shipping both ways. I love this because I don't have a lot of time to shop (especially for jeans!) so I just buy 2-3 pairs at a time, try them all on, then mail back the losers. One thing I like a bit more about Nordstroms is how they include the return sticker in the box. At Zappos, you have to request the return label to be mailed to you, or print it out yourself. Anyway- back to NYDJ, make sure to order a size down. They run large.

Not sure where this model's top went...but good news is that these jeans are now on sale! I got mine on sale too at Nordstroms but that was over a month ago, and now they're gone. I wish I would've been able to snag them in a Petite length because as I've since learned from my KUT from the Kloth curdoroys, they run very LONG and hang on the hips. I have found a good tailor here in Logan (Kathy at Your Valet Drycleaning on 500 N.) and she has expertly hemmed these for me. I don't know what it is about a good pair of bootcut jeans, but they always seem to make me happy. These run true to size.

So even after finding 3 really nice pairs of jeans, I was still a hankerin' for a light wash that I could roll-up... very spring, right? I found a pair that I liked late last summer from JCPenney but after a few months they no longer fit me right. I figured it was just because more baby weight came off, and they stretched out some, but it turns out it was because they were in the Boyfriend Jean style, which I now know is officially NOT for me. Sure, they sound cool, and even come in some distressed versions but they don't work for me because...1) I don't like constantly having to pull up my pants. 2) I don't like feeling sloppy. 3) I don't have a boyfriend., nor would I want to wear his jeans. Ok, joking aside, these Levi's surprised me a lot (I don't remember the last time I bought actual Levis! Never?) because the color is perfect, they're very slimming up top, the length is just right for rolling up, and they're very reasonably priced (I was also considering these but knew it was time to keep my jeans spending in check!) True to size too.

Okay, that's it! Hope this helps you busy gals who are on the hunt for a good pair (or four) of jeans. 

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  1. Kut from the Kloth is one of my favorite brands. My sister's friend carries them in her boutique in town and I am in love! The boot cuts are too long for me, but the skinny and boyfriend cuts are PERFECT! I might have to look into a pair from Banana. Petite sizes are SO hard to come by sometimes!