Saturday, November 16, 2013

Did you hear?

There's no denying it. I like to shop! And I like to try out new places. That's why I feel the need to share tell practically every person I know whenever I hear about new places rollin' on in to Logan. I don't know about you, but hearing news about new places coming here makes me giddy and quite the effective remedy to my big city woes that I get ever so often (not so often anymore once I really came to terms with how Logan is so easy for young families such as us to conveniently live).

The first one is Herbergers, coming soon to the Cache Valley Mall to replace the former department store, Dillards. I'm familiar with this store because of family I have in North you can see on the below map, it's so far been a mid-western thang. For the full background story on them, you can click here.

Other new spots are....
In the 1000 N. new shopping complex (by the new Al's)

Firehouse Subs
Firehouse Subs (We've been to the Sandy location of this place and find it soooo cute for kids. They give out free fire hats and have super cool firehouse decor).

Natural Grocers (soooo happy about this one because being a vegetarian here hasn't been easy! From what I've heard, it's similar to a Whole Foods but not as fancy or expensive).

Dunkin' Donuts (not my cup of tea...ha ha but I've heard from multiple people that they have really good coffee).

Five Guys Burger and Fries

Five Guys Burgers & Fries (I'm going to try and convince them to start selling garden burgers....wish me luck! I do think their fries are pretty awesome).

1400 N. Strip Mall (next to Costa Vida)

ADORNit (a fun Utah-y boutique).

And not in Logan, but closer to Logan than SLC is the new Station Park in Farmington! I'm sooo sooo sooo excited about this new development. At first I just thought it was a few stores and a Harmons (a really fancy Harmons) but I've since checked out their website and learned that it's actually an outdoor mall development and it already has quite the selection of upscale stores....stores like Banana Republic, GAP, and JCREW. Now we're talkin'! They also have lots of family events listed on their website along with water fountain shows on the hour and a wide array of hip and cool restaurants. We're planning to go in a couple weeks; can't wait!


  1. So excited about the new things coming in around Al's. I didn't realize until they started building that they were going to add in additional stores! We love Firehouse Subs (there is one really close to my parents' place!)!

  2. Dunkin Donuts DOES have good coffee IF you know how to order it. I have never had an iced coffee there that I could drink. YAY Herberger's! There is one in North Platte, and I have fond memories of going Christmas dress shopping there.