Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome September

yes, I know technically it's still August (which I too love ever since it became the birth month of our first born) but as of late, I am getting really excited to switch the calendar over to September. Ahhhhh, sweet September. I love the sound of it, the anticipation it brings to new beginnings (such as Homecoming and the official arrival of fall), and the memories I'll always have of our wedding day. 

So in honor of our 5-year wedding anniversary (big, right?) coming up, here's some wedding related things that I think are fun to talk about....

1) We have china. Back when it was time to put together our wedding registry, I at first didn't think china was something we needed...I guess that could be because I couldn't picture us actually using it at the time. But then my wonderful Godmother did something really wonderful....(because that's what Godmother's do!) she read my mind and got us a six full place settings of this:
Kate Spade New York Library Lane Navy Dinnerware Collection

The bold navy lines of kate spade new york's Library Lane Navy™ dinnerware blend with elegant gold on crisp white fine bone china to bring an artful element to your formal dining celebrations.

Isn't just divine?
One of my absolute favorite parts of the collection are these to-die-for gold and navy polka-dotted salad plates:
(mine are navy, just picked this photo so that you could see the detail)

I truly am in love with the entire set. Not only are they by Kate Spade (my fave), but the set is called "Library Lane" and they're Navy. 


Complete perfection.

Now for a little secret between you and I....
we still have yet to use them.

we actually still have yet to take them out of their boxes. 

That's not because we haven't wanted to (I now fully believe in celebrating with the good stuff!) but because we don't have the space to store them. 

So, they sit. Safely tucked away. Waiting to be used. 

One day!

2) We just purchased the digital files of ALL of our photos. Yep, 5 years later and we now have cd's of all of our professionally taken engagement and wedding photographs. This too was something I didn't think we really needed (our photography package included a leather album filled with 20 5x7's, and a DVD (viewing rights only) of all of the photos), plus we ordered a few single shots/enlargements of the ones we felt were frame worthy, and were given copies and cd's of all the ones my sister took for us that day, and for my bridals. But, with the advent of my brother's wedding, I realized how nice it would be to have our own copies to share, enlarge, and keep forever. Well, my timing couldn't have been more perfect because as it turns out, the photography company (now Zuma Photo) who bought out our old photography company (Silver Pelican) just shared with me that they're not sure how much longer they're going to keep all of those old files. So, he worked a deal with us, and now they're ALL ours for good! Yippeee!

Planning to go to here to celebrate our anniversary and eat out here. Should be delightful!

Hope you all enjoy a pleasant last weekend of August. I swear the older our kids get, the faster each summer flies by- - -guess it's good they keep us so busy. Speaking of fall, it's also good stores keep those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies around...I could not help but by a package of 'um the other day and you guessed it....they're all gone. Ummm, now all I need is Chai Latte w/ soy and my taste buds will be tricked into thinking fall is already here!

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