Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today I was all ready to do another home post, but instead decided I'd much rather write about our two-year-old son, Benjamin.

I've recently taken notice to Benjamin's incredibly creative imagination. Every toy/object around the house is now played with in a completely different way than its intended use and I LOVE IT. It's sooo entertaining and fun to watch him come up with new ideas and funny characters like...

Water bottles on his hands + some kind of object on his head = a bot-bot (robot)
Grant's car seat = a boat
Fishing pole = a microphone
Cardboard rolls = a fire hose
Random papers = a treasure map

In addition to all of this new discovery, he sometimes gives up his nap. I know a lot of parents dread this time (heard it usually happens around age 3), but I'm actually relieved since forcing it Super Nanny style just isn't me and it's kinda nice not having it cut into the middle of our day. Now yes, I have hit the 4-6 p.m. time frame where I feel like I'm going to crash- but on those days I just dismiss myself from making dinner (a real nice dinner that is) and implement a quick and earlier bed time for everyone! Either way, I still make sure we still share in special, quiet reading time during Grant's naps since I find that the more one-on-one time we share, the less upsetting behavior occurs. All good things for us to adapt to as these boys keep on growing!


  1. I dread the days when Brayden doesn't nap but I do try to do some sort of quiet thing with him. Well, as long as I'm not feeding Kenley!

  2. The 4-6 pm crash is what coffee was made for. I can't believe it took me until my late 20s to discover its elixir-like properties.