Friday, October 14, 2011

The Junction

The Junction
I can't say enough about this super cool place. While parts of it are still under construction, it really is rad and totally reminded me of Disneyland. Yes, I know it's only Ogden but I'm telling you that this place just feels really, really fun from the minute you drive up. There's big sidewalks (perfect for strollers), new restaurants, and perfectly manicured green grass and flowers (even in October). I'd heard great things about  the children's Treehouse Museum (I like it MUCH more than Discovery Gateway in SLC), so on a random day this week I packed up the boys and met my parents there for an exciting afternoon away from home. 

We started off our out-of-town adventure at The Treehouse. This place is wonderful and friendly, a true educational haven for families. Inside you'll hear children singing, laughing, and playing music; I couldn't stop myself from smiling ear to ear the whole time! There's so much interactive funness (yep, pretty sure I just made that word up) that kids don't know where to look much less step next, but that's okay because this entire place is: MADE FOR THEM and only a 45 min. drive from either SLC or Logan. Love it. Love it. Love it. Afterwards we I wanted to ride around on the free trolley that runs throughout The Junction area, but decided to call it a day after lunch at a little pizza place. Glad we did because minutes later both boys were out!

When making the trip to Ogden, you should also visit The Ogden Nature Center, Eccles Dinosaur Park (I like it MUCH more than the one in American Fork) and Ogden River Parkway. This place really is a dynamite hot spot for kids. Go O-town!

Hope you all have a fun weekend...we hope to be making another trip to Disneyland (okay, Ogden). This time I think I'll let my husband and toddler enjoy the Treehouse while Grant and I do some shopping on Historic 25th Street!

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  1. I love it down there too!!! So glad you got to share it with your family. Tami