Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Civilized Young Man

We've been quite busy around here lately and today it was all I could do to order up a pizza and sit down on the living room to eat it (I did grab napkins and plates).
But before Benjamin would eat, he kept saying "fork, fork."
At this point I already had half a slice of pizza in my mouth and Grant on my lap, so I just kept on eating hoping he would join me.
He was insistent on eating his pizza with a fork.
So he went in the kitchen to get himself one.
He did so by first opening up the oven drawer...
then getting out a pot...
then turning the pot upside down on the floor in front of the silverware drawer...
then standing on the pot as a step stool so he could open up the silverware drawer...
then successfully pulled out a fork!

He then promptly came back into the living room with his fork where he ate all his pizza with Grant and I. When he was through, he politely patted his upper lip with his napkin. Such manners even with a Mom who set up lunch hobo style on the floor today. Oh, how I love our civilized little man!


  1. too cute! Hope your week isnt too crazy! Let me know if you could use a hand :)