Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Kids are Great

I know the last couple all of my of posts these past few weeks have been in reference to my kids but I can't help it, having Grant arrive has really been a HUGE event in our it should be! Here's some more mother-of-two things (I find bullet points help to somewhat organize the randomness of my thoughts these days...) that I wanted to share. Isn't it funny how many things are worth documenting with kids, but how little time there is to do so? That is one of the many reasons why I love provides me with a space to unload my brain and make sense of things while giving me a quick feeling of accomplishment to my day. I also enjoy looking back on what I was experiencing at various times in my life.
  • Bart said the other day how much cooler two is than one. I agreed but reminded him that now there is one of us for each...once we add on, we'll be soon out-numbered in the kid-adult ratio! 
  • I was talking about going to an event and asked my mom what people would think of me doing something (can't remember what...), and her response was- "Kate, you can do whatever you want, you're a mother of two now." I liked her reply and repeat it to myself quite often.
  • When pregnant with my first, I kept wondering what a child of Bart and mine would look like. While pregnant with our second, I found myself wondering if he or she would look at all like their sibling. While Grant has similar features of Benjamin (like the Petersen nose!) there is already a definite difference in their personality. I love how each child brings about new wonderment and discovery!
  • Not sure why, but both Bart and I now refer to each of our children as "this one." We'll say things like this, "this one just ate," "this one needs their diaper changed" or "this one really needs a nap." We only have two, but with the way we talk you'd think we were running a daycare or something.
  • Anything I do with just one child is now soooo easy since I now know what it's like to do that one thing while caring for the other child at my side at the same time. 
  • Having another child will make you suddenly realize how much the other child has grown. After rocking Grant in my arms, picking up our toddler now feels enormous (our toddler is still under 2 and therefore not that big). We now use our changing pad as the child measuring stick.
  • There's nothing like the silence of nap time....two kids asleep at the same time is really quite the feat! Often times I open up the windows and suddenly our whole house seems to take on this beautiful glow~ such a blissful time of sleepy magic!

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  1. Ahh, the Petersen nose! :) LOVE these posts. Makes me so excited to meet our newest addition!