Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cloud Nine

I'm elated over the discovery I just came across yesterday...

there are a whole slew of NEW and fantastic fonts available through the Template Designer page of Blogger. Being the font fanatic that I am, I've always wished for more font options for my header, gadget, and post titles but didn't want to have to pay someone to format them for me. Mostly because in a couple of months or so I knew I'd want to change them up again (I'm like that with the arrangement of furniture too). 

But now I'm completely happy (and impressed) with the huge array of really good fonts that Blogger current favorites being: Homemade Apple (my header and post font) and Bentham for my links and gadget font. What a wonderful addition this is for me to come across...I've already loaded up on a variety of header backgrounds (found randomly online on free template sites) to mix and match with. I'm also thankful for Blogger's new template backgrounds that they updated end of last year too. Way to go Blogger, it's like I just went on a shopping spree and came home with a whole new wardrobe, look, and feel for free!

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