Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cool finds in January

As the end of the month draws nearer, you know what kate's blog is going to post...all of her cool finds found throughout the month!

Smartwool Socks
What's better than cold feet in the winter? WARM feet in the winter! I love the coziness and non-itchiness of these socks and because of how now nice and thick they are, can even double as slippers. Thanks to my Mom, I loaded up on pairs over Christmas. You can find online at or Oh, and they come in infant and toddler sizes too. ;)

Cusinart Egg Maker
Wanna change your life for only $29? 
This egg cooker is genius. Again, thanks to another Christmas present from my Mom, I am now the proud owner of this stainless steel work of art. I'm really not kidding, this machine makes making hard boiled eggs a cinch and in only 15 min! With me being a vegetarian, having quick protein like this is key. I also love how you can make as many as 7 or just 1 at a time, cooked perfectly, and so very easy to peel off the shell. We've been downing so many eggs lately (my son also loves them) that I joke to Bart that we're soon going to have to buy a chicken! You can find at or at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Thinsulate Infant Hand Pockets
Okay, I don't really think they're called "pockets," but that's the name I'm giving them because they don't have any finger openings and therefore just wrap and snap onto your baby/toddler's hands. Anybody who's tried to put mittens or gloves on a child knows what a hard task that can be but thanks to this smart creation, I'm able to get Benjamin bundled up faster and his hands have been staying very warm since they're waterproof! I found ours at Smiths Marketplace in the baby section but they're also available online here

Contigo Water Bottles
Is your waterbottle BPA free? I still have no idea what that means or why it matters, but I do know that this cool water bottle design means that I can have water with me at all times and in any part of our home without worrying about our son tipping and spilling it over, playing with a straw, or him swallowing a plastic cap/part. You see, unlike any other water bottle that I've ever seen, these water bottles require you to push in the back lever to release the water. It comes out so easily without having to remove the lid (btw- the lid also has a latch that allows you to clip it on things if you'd like) and doesn't make that loud suck noise when you release it from your mouth. Because of its sleek and design it fits perfectly in my purse and because of its quality materials, I never have to worry about it accidentally spilling out. Thanks to my mother-in-law I have one in charcol, magenta, and teal! You can find at Target, or directly from their website.

Tulip is my favorite flower and last week they were only $3.99 for 5 at Smiths Marketplace. As soon as I cut them and put them in a vase, our home instantly felt like spring and made me happier each day I saw them. Bummer is they only last about 6 days, but as long as they stay at this price they are now a permanent item on our shopping list until this snow melts!


  1. I might just have to buy me an egg maker! I love hard boiled eggs and making egg salad sandwiches, YUMMY! I too LOVE tulips!