Saturday, October 9, 2010

This week's PR episode...

I had a lot of thoughts going through my head during this week's episode of Project Runway....*spoiler alert if you continue to read this post!*

  • I agree with Mondo and Gretchen that this week's challenge was hard. Hard because the whole reason these designers were selected for this show was to D E S I G N and when asked to create a certain type of garment, out of certain fabric, for a certain target market, is VERY limiting. I know they've brought on celebrities with existing clothing lines before, but I never recall them being so specific by saying this garment must be sportswear, or some other type. It kinda seemed like the designers were suddenly turned into clothing making laborers because in the end Heidi gets to put HER label on it! Also, don't you think the genre of sportswear is particularly hard? I tried thinking of what I would do /want to wear and I was stumped! I kept thinking of things already out there like hoodies, zip-ups, yoga pants, and racerback tanks...all which they did!
  • Heidi seems hard to please and pretty flighty. Remember in the very first season when she said the winner could design her dress to wear to some big event, so he did, then she backed out on him last minute! If I were these designers I would've kept that in mind and tried harder not to let my feelings show with her as the client. Neither Mondo or Gretchen were prepared to do that and Heidi gave Mondo the WORST look during his studio critique. It was like "don't you mess with me again" or "I'm watching you" or "I'm reconsidering voting for you for your last 3 wins." None of these meanings are good.
  • Ivy, Ivy, Ivy. You made yourself look so bitter and sad. Why call out people weeks later on a show you already lost? According to her, it's just a t.v. show, so why even bother coming back for a second appearance?
  • Did you notice how Gretchen raised her hand when asked who saw the tape in the bathroom? If asked, I bet she would've teamed up with Ivy and called out Michael C. Funny how moments before she commented on Christopher's looks looking boring like Ivy, and moments afterwards tried to console Michael C. She seems pretty twisted to me.
  • I'm done with April's black chiffon/gauzy/see-through little numbers. I can't believe they called Christopher's look p.j.'s and not hers. Everything she does is very similar, very revealing, and very BLACK!
  • Sad to see Christopher Collins go. Well at least he still has his great name. He was the one designer that I would honestly wear ALL of his pieces and all seemed to be made well too. 

* So far only 2 votes are in for the magnetic flower give-away and so far only one is still in the running. Don't forget to submit your prediction (you now have a 1/4 shot)!

* Also, the only person who has contacted me about joining my LOST SYMBOL book club is my Dad. I still have yet to even crack open the cover, so if anyone's looking for a good book to cozy up to this fall, let me know; I'd love more book buddies!


  1. Sorry, I'm reading White Man's Burden, though, if you want to read that along with me.

    Also, Whatever It Takes by Paul Tough is terrific, and I recommend that, too.

    I'll send you a GoodReads invitation. It's a cool website and let's you see what your friends are reading. Jenna and I are already memebers, so you might as well join!

  2. I completely agree with you about April. Everything she does is black and very similar. I guess that's fashion for you.

    Since the episode with the teams, I have not been a big fan of Gretchen. I think she does have an ego.

    And what was up with Ivy? She just made herself look bad and bitter.

    This show is so good. I'm dreading the season being over.