Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Yesterday was my husband and my wedding anniversary. We had perfectly pleasant September weather, exactly like the weather on our actual wedding day. I am still in love with our day (most importantly, my husband ;)), and the way everything magically flowed~ I often times say that I felt like I was floating! I hope that every one's special day provides them with a flurry of wonderful thoughts, while leaving them completely satisfied with every last moment. It is just ONE day, but a day that truly can last a lifetime, and I believe when done right, you'll never need or want to do it again!

A funny thing that I never expected from my husband to do on our anniversaries is to want to follow the "traditional" wedding anniversary gift buying guide.  I have to tell him every year that I really don't need anything leather? or whatever that year's gift is, but for some reason he keeps bringing it up. I tried here to find out who came up with these silly list of gifts, but the origin seems to be unknown. 

Below is a a complete list of all of the gifts by their year. I thought this list was cool because it has both traditional and modern suggestions. I never knew that after the 20th it goes by 5's....I guess maybe couples that old forget how to count? 

First Anniversary
Traditional: Paper.
Suggestions: Books, magazine subscriptions, framed poems, puzzles, board games, artwork, photographs
Modern: Clocks.
Suggestions: Watches, mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, alarm clocks

Second Anniversary
Traditional: Cotton
Suggestions: Clothes, pajamas, tote bags, tapestries, pillows, rugs, blankets
Modern: China
Suggestions: Plates, teacups, knick-knacks, jewelry

Third Anniversary
Traditional: Leather
Suggestions: Jackets, belts, pocket books, wallets, shoes, slippers, briefcases, furniture, gloves, desk sets
Modern: Crystal or glass.
Suggestions: Wine or champagne glasses, vases, knick-knacks, bowls, plates, serving trays.

Fourth Anniversary
Traditional: Linen or Silk, fruit or flowers,
Suggestions: Bedding, table linens, lingerie, clothes, flowers, fruit trees, house plants
Modern: Appliances
Suggestions: Blender, toaster oven, microwave oven, food processor, dishwasher, bath spa

Fifth Anniversary
Traditional: Wood
Suggestions: Furniture, musical instruments, jewelry or trinket boxes, picture frames, woodcarvings, trees
Modern: Silverware
Suggestions: Forks, knives, spoons, cutlery, serving spoons and forks

Sixth Anniversary
Traditional: Iron
Suggestions: Candleholders, furniture, clocks, pots and pans
Modern: Wood objects
Suggestions: Jewelry or trinket boxes, knick-knacks, candle holders

Seventh Anniversary
Traditional: Wool or Copper
Suggestions: Clothing, hats, mittens, scarves, socks, pots & pans
Modern: Desk Sets
Suggestions: Pen & Pencil sets, bookends, globes, picture frames

Eight Anniversary
Traditional: Bronze
Suggestions: Statues, sculptures, knick-knacks
Modern: Linens, Lace
Suggestion: Bed linens, table linens, clothes, lingerie

Ninth Anniversary
Traditional: Pottery, China
Suggestions: Dishes, bowls, vases, flower pots, knick-knacks
Modern: Leather goods
Suggestions: Coats, furniture, wallets, briefcases, pocket books, shoes, belts, hair accessories, watches

Tenth Anniversary
Traditional: Tin, Aluminum
Suggestions: Pots and pans, clocks, watches, candle holders, vases, tableware
Modern: Diamonds
Suggestions: Jewelry, hair accessories, tie clips, money clips, cuff links

Eleventh Anniversary
Traditional: Steel
Suggestions: Cutlery, pots and pans, clocks
Modern: Jewelry
Suggestions:  hair accessories, cuff links, tie clips

Twelfth Anniversary
Traditional: Silk
Suggestions: Scarves, lingerie, underwear, bed linens
Modern: Pearls, colored jewelry
Suggestions: jewelry, tie clips, cufflinks

Thirteenth Anniversary
Traditional: Lace
Suggestions: Clothes, lingerie, tablecloths, doilies
Modern: Textiles, furs
Suggestions: Clothes, bed linens, coats, table linens, clothes, rugs

Fourteenth Anniversary
Traditional: Ivory
Suggestions: Candlesticks, jewelry, knick-knacks, sculptures
Modern: Gold jewelry
Suggestions:  watches, tie clips, money clips, cuff links

Fifteenth Anniversary
Traditional: Crystal
Suggestions: Glasses, vases, bowls, knick-knacks, candlesticks
Modern: Watches
Suggestions: , wrist watches, necklace watches

Sixteenth Anniversary
Modern: Silver hollowware
Suggestions: Tableware, pitchers, bowls

Seventeenth Anniversary
Modern: Furniture
Suggestions: Tables, chairs, desks, couches,

Eighteenth Anniversary
Modern: Porcelain
Suggestions: Dishes, knick-knacks, teacups, candleholders, serving bowls, salt and pepper shakers

Nineteenth Anniversary
Modern: Bronze
Suggestions: Sculptures, statues, candle holders

Twentieth Anniversary
Traditional: China
Suggestions: Plates, serving bowls, tea pots, tea cups
Modern: Platinum
Suggestions: Jewelry, tie clips, cuff links

Twenty Fifth Anniversary
Traditional: Silver
Suggestions: Jewelry, Serving plates, silverware, tea services, cuff links, tie clips
Modern: Sterling Silver
Suggestions: Jewelry, Serving plates, silverware, cuff links, tie clips

Thirtieth Anniversary
Traditional: Pearl
Suggestions: Jewelry, knick-knacks, jewelry boxes
Modern: Diamond
Suggestions: Jewelry, tie clips, cuff links, money clips

Thirty-fifth Anniversary
Traditional: Coral or Jade
Suggestions: Jewelry, sculptures, knick-knacks, tie clips, money clips, cuff links
Modern: Jade
Suggestions: Jewelry, sculptures, knick-knacks, tie clips, cuff links, money clips

Fortieth Anniversary
Traditional: Rubies
Suggestions: Jewelry, cuff links, tie clips
Modern: Rubies
Suggestions: See traditional

Forty-fifth Anniversary
Traditional: Sapphire
Suggestions: Jewelry, tie clips, money clips, cuff links
Modern: Sapphire
Suggestions: See traditional

Fiftieth Anniversary
Traditional: Gold
Suggestions: Jewelry, pen & pencil sets, cuff links, tie clips, money clips, hair accessories, knick knacks, letter openers, watches
Modern: Gold
Suggestions: See traditional

Fifty-fifth Anniversary
Traditional: Emerald
Suggestions: Jewelry, tie clips, cuff links, money clips
Modern: Emerald
Suggestions: See Traditional

Sixtieth Anniversary
Traditional: Diamonds
Suggestions: Jewelry, watches, hair accessories, tie clips, money clips, cuff links
Modern: Diamonds
Suggestions: See traditional

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  1. Aww, what a sweet hubby! Did you get a new leather handbag? Because I would be all over that! Happy Anniversary, and here is to many more!