Friday, July 2, 2010

Kettle Potato Chips- Week 5

This week was a big disappointment. Good thing I tried the New York Cheddar flavor out on my own before sharing them with the masses over the holiday weekend because this flavor did NOT live up to my cheesy expectations. With all Kettle chips my mouth is usually watering before I even get the first one in, but unfortunately this flavor just doesn't have that full pow like all the others and the chips are sadly a bit airer in texture. After I got home I did notice that the kind I picked up just says: NEW YORK CHEDDAR instead of the NEW YORK CHEDDAR WITH HERBS like the one on the website, so maybe they've already received complaints on this one needing a little something more. So, sorry for not having access to the current flavor, but now at least you know NOT to buy the plain cheddar kind without the herbs. So, with all that said, this flavor gets a pathetic....4. Sorry, hate to do it to ya Kettle, and I really never thought I would, but now what I really think of your cheddar chips are out there and everybody knows. Good thing you added in those herbs...I may have to give that flavor a try some time.

New York Cheddar with Herbs

bold GROWN-UP cheese

When cheese grows up where does it go? The big city, of course. Sophisticated, bold, confident and brazen. Comfortable in the penthouse or the subway, this chip is going places. Sometimes we think we’ve gone just a little crazy over this chip thing, but big city flavor’ll do that. 

Next weeks flavor: Spicy Thai

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