Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look Alike

Did any one else think that Raina from this season of America's Next Top Model looked JUST LIKE the actress Anna Chlumsky (from the movie MY GIRL)?  Here's their pics side by side...

Can you correctly guess who's who?

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  1. Personality similarites yes - but when comparing official websites (my only resource since I am not as familiar with Anna and Raina) I'm thinking Raina looks more like a young Denise Richardson - only with more intensity and style. It has always been amazing to me how people who don't know each other can look like each other. One time I saw my double. You were the one who said - Mom - that lady looks like you. I tried to look for her after the event was over - but she had left early. Since then, many people have seen me in the SLC area in places that I don't normally frequent - so I know she is still here. In a world where one tries to maintain their own identify via their look - it is nice to celebrate the similarities too! I would like to know if she comes from an Irish heritage or we look alike just because of the hair color, style and/or manner of dress. Thanks for giving me a reason to find out more about these early achievers.