Friday, April 30, 2010

Post-baby Swimwear

I survived swimsuit shopping post-baby! Just kidding. It really wasn't all that bad. After practically living in a tankini set last summer while VERY preg-o, I knew that was the way for me to go this year too. Funny thing is that I have 5 + bikinis all in great condition, but just aren't screaming WEAR ME! And, as I learned last year, the less area for me to have to put sunscreen on the better. I also like being able to walk around the pool area, trek to my car, etc. more modestly covered, which is all possible due to the invention of the tankini. So, I went out to KOHLS (Remember, I still live in Logan), and found some fun mix-and-match sets, plus I got some awesome deals and coupons after signing up for their mailing list online. Surprisingly their swim area was very much picked through, but I still came away with these cute little numbers just in time for Benjamin's swim classes. I'm still feeling as excited about the water as I did last year, so here we go!

I went for the one on the left. Doesn't this model look like Charlotte from Sex and the City?

They didn't have any more of this paisley top :( but I did get these coral bottoms. I love CORAL!

This top works great with the coral bottoms, and is very comfortable.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kohls! When we used to live in West Jordan I lived right by one...I loved it, our bank account, well, not so much! Glad you found some things you like.

  2. I just did a comment, but apparently it went into cyberspace...
    what I was saying is that I LOVE Kohl's! We have one about an hour away from here and I can't wait to go shopping there. You do have to dig sometimes to find stuff, but you can get some really good deals! Glad that you found some things that you like!

  3. Well, I'll be, there is my first comment! It just took 10 minutes to post...weird.