Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What to do when you give your child a bad haircut...


1) Laugh.
2) Remember that it will grow back.
3) Use this time to try out all kinds of hats.
4) Learn from the mistake of cutting hair while wet, as it will ALWAYS dry shorter! :O


  1. Uh-oh! Did little guy get a haircut?

  2. When I was about three years old - I cut my own hair. My nice long hair was now personally styled about two inches above my ears and my bangs measured less than 1/2 inch in length. Fortunately for me my parents also recognized the importance of Kate's recommendations. To help calm me down when I realized what I had done, they showed me a newspaper picture of the young son of the Queen of England and remarked how much I now looked liked Prince Charles. Everyone had a good laugh. My five brothers all began to tease me and pretend that I was now royalty. They even gave me my new nickname of Prince Charlie the Little Boy-Girl. I thought the idea of being a boy-girl was kinda fun so I laughed too while learning that all important lesson to never make that kind of mistake again!

    Grandad says your little guy is as cute as a button with the new haircut and I say it's the cutest unexpected haircut there could be because it shows off his beautiful blue eyes - and of course I have just described my early education and authority on the subject of home style hair cuts. We're always learning!

  3. Oh Kate, I think all of us mommies have done that at one time or another...the good thing about hair is that it grows back...and Benjamin is such a little cutie that I am sure it doesn't affect his cuteness factor at all!

    Aunt Konnie