Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Anthony.

Even though I've already shared my fav. PROJECT RUNWAY contestant for this season, I really liked Anthony too. Who didn't? His personality alone is award-worthy and I loved his last words of wisdom~ “You don’t have to have the crown to be the Queen.” 
I have a feeling this WON'T be the last we'll see of him!


  1. I too enjoyed Anthony as he brought a unique and sincere human touch to the show. I viewed him as someone who has to say what he has to say and says it with pizazz. I found his designs to be tasteful and appealing and that he was proud of his work. He is a showman and will be missed.

  2. You were right when you said this won't be the last we see of Anthony.

    The whole show is created for it's emotional roller coaster effect but I don't like how the writers' blamed stress as the reason for Mia's (sp?)departure. If you listened - the time wasn't right for her. Good reason. Sometimes when there isn't an obvious answer it is easier to take a difficult situation - wrap it up and label it "due to stress" and put it back on the shelf. In my thinking - this isn't one of them.

    The showman is back and so are we!