Monday, March 8, 2010

It just doesn't look the same...

I haven't been too sentimental about having to pack away Benjamin's outgrown little clothes, taking out the infant inserts of his bouncer, car seat, and bathtub or lowering his crib mattress height, but I did find myself getting a little sad yesterday when my husband and I decided that it would best if we now removed his adorable Pottery Barn transportation themed crib bumper. Now when I walk in the room, I'm finding that it doesn't quite look the same, as I really loved how this bumper softened everything up while doing its part to pull together such a cute and friendly space......but, SAFETY FIRST!

Here are the before and after pics.



  1. I am sorry. I think I would feel the same way. Hey, where did you get your chair? We have been looking for something like that.

  2. It is a Little Castle brand glider that I found online at CSN Baby. We looked everywhere we could think of before deciding to buy online. It was cheaper than Pottery Barn and Land Of Nod, and comes in WAY MORE color choices than offered at Babinski Baby in SLC. I also liked that offers FREE SHIPPING.

    For more details, here's a link to my full review that I submitted to their site:

  3. I need to be thinking about doing those same things! :(

  4. Sad :( Your nursery is still adorable though! Ed and I couldn't believe how big Benjamin was when we saw him...and that Greyson will be that big in 6 short months!

  5. this is such a cute room! even without the bumpers :) It looks like your from logan, I'm from idaho falls, small world!