Monday, January 18, 2010

a mother's journal

Right around this time last year, I bought a blank notebook with the words "a mother's journal" written on the cover. With such a life changing event taking place, I knew it would be good for me to document the miracle that I was experiencing and perhaps helpful for me to look back upon for subsequent pregnancies. I just recently caught myself looking back to some of my older entries, and this is what I found:
I'm not sure why more baby brands don't design more gender neutral items, as I think they could be a lot cuter. Maybe that's something I could look into doing myself one day!
I felt your first movement on Sunday, March 29th~ it was one of my happiest moments!
Your father and I were born with LOTS of hair, so we predict that you will too. I also think you have big beautiful blue eyes. No matter what, you'll be as CUTE as CUTE can be; oh, what a gift for your father and me!
When people ask me what I'm having I respond with: "A BABY!"
I told my brother that my belly is 22 cm. and he said: "mine too!"
When we sent pictures of you to your Grandmother, she responded with: "I received pictures of Bart, now where are the pictures of Benjamin?"
Your Grandpa Kim calls you: eBENeneezer Sneezer and J.J. Poopykins (based off of a character from the t.v. show, Perry Mason).
We had just sat down to eat dinner, so I placed you in your Boppy bouncer. You must have felt left out because you started to cry. Your Dad said: "Doesn't he come with a mute button?" We love having you as a part of our lives, but were just getting used to you voicing your needs to us.
Your Dad calls you: Big Man, Little Buddy, My Boy.
Your Dad's good friend, Ben, had a baby girl born on the exact same day as you! When his friend Ben jokingly asked Bart's uncle if we named our son Ben, he said, "actually, yes, they did!"
You enjoy looking at the fishies in the aquarium at your Gramma Jacque's house.
Your Favorite Songs:
  • The Wheels On the Bus
  • Horsie, Horsie
  • Skidamarinkadinkadinkskidamarinkadoo!
I am so glad that I've documented all of this because I really couldn't have remembered the day that I first felt him kick, or some of the funny things said during my pregnancy. I sometimes even feel like I'm losing my short term memory, but my mom says that's normal and that it should come back in about 10 years or so. ;)

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  1. I too, kept a journal and I am so glad I did! It is so fun to look back!