Friday, January 22, 2010

I couldn't agree more!

The Ten Commandments Of Beauty POSTED BY KRISTIN BOOKER of

1) Thou Shalt Not Overcleanse - If you have oily skin, scrubbing at acne and oil only makes your skin produce more oil because you're scraping off the protective layer it's creating because it's irritated. See a dermatologist if it's really bad, but cleansing gently maybe once or twice a day and, yes, moisturizing, will be the keys to eradicating this issue.
2) Thou Shall Remove Thy Makeup At Night - We all fall asleep at night, so if you're just that tired (or drunk - don't look offended, you know you've done it), keep baby wipes or make-up remover pads next to your bed and swipe it off if you can't do a full cleaning. Your body repairs itself at night and if your skin is reforming with lumps of foundation on top of it, guess what kind of skin you'll eventually have? Not good, people. 3) Thou Shalt Never Shame Another Woman's Beauty - This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Never tell a heavy-set woman "But you have such a pretty face." That is such a horrible, degrading thing to say to someone and you're just making her feel badly. She knows she has a pretty face and you saying that implies the comment "But what a shame about the rest of you." No one needs that evil in the world. Cut that out. The same also goes for the "good hair" controversy. Little girls with coarse or curly hair have fantastic, natural hair. Just because it's foreign to you or doesn't appear on a movie star doesn't mean it's bad. Leave other people alone. 4) Thou Shall Get Expert Consultation - Once or twice a year, I highly recommend going to a professional makeup artist (one you love and trust, not just some random person) and dumping your makeup bag out on the counter. This person should go through your makeup bag, show you what looks good on you, throw out anything that has expired or looks like crap, then help you select new products after consulting on a look with you. It's a simple principle, really: if your makeup bag is only filled with things that look amazing on you, you'll always look your best. 4.5) Thou Shall Throw Away Old Makeup - I used to yell at my own mother for this: cosmetics are not collector's items. You expose them to bacteria and pollutants every time you use them and they ALL have a shelf life. Throw them away and that also goes for those weird impulse purchases you'll wear "someday." If you haven't used it in six months, you won't. Ditch it.
5) Thou Shall Find a Skincare Regimen That Works and Stick With It - People always say, "You have the most amazing skin. What's your secret?" Ladies, my mother told me when I was little that the less you do to your skin the less you will ever have to do to your skin and it stuck. I only wash my face once a day (I splash water on it in the morning to wake myself up but only cleanse at night) and I use lotion like it's my job. Find out what works for you and then stick with it. If you cheat on a good skin routine,your skin will tell on you. 6) Thou Shalt Not Share Makeup With Others - Ew. Just...ew. Everyone keep your own bacteria to yourself and that includes lip balms and other nonsense. Gross. 7) Thou Shall Embrace Thy Own Beauty - Look at you, you gorgeous thing. You're hot! Right now, the body, face, skin and hair you have are what you're working with and you should love the Hell out of yourself. If you feel like you'd like to make some adjustments that's fine, but accept yourself as you are. Your hair houses the brain that thinks for you, your skin encases the heart that loves, and your makeup covers the lips that will hopefully speak amazing acts of encouragement to another woman who needs it. Beauty products just enhance how you feel inside so begin feeling beautiful from within. 8) Thou Shall Put Down Weapons of Mass Beauty Destruction - Can we talk about this? Look, we all use implements like blow dryers,curling irons,relaxers, weaves, hair color and things of this nature, but at some point it can get to excess. I don't have to spell it out for you but let me just say this: if your beauty routine includes any action that goes over and above regular maintenance, causes tears of frustration and hours of your life missed because you can't leave the house, you might want to think about accepting some facts and making your life easier. A beauty routine should help you present a positive appearance to your best life, but if the beauty routine IS your life, you're missing out. Rethink this strategy. 9) Thou Shalt Not Be Diet-Crazed - Ah, see what I did? Look, I've been there but obsessing over every single morsel you put in your mouth is no way to live. Some of the least attractive people I've ever met are extremely diet-obsessed individuals and it shows in your skin. There's no facial good enough to hide malnutrition or unhappiness, so save yourself the trouble and eat the cookie, damn it. 10) Thou Shall Work It - Put your best face forward every day and enter the world knowing that you look amazing. We're all beautiful in our own way and with the right tools and attitude, everyone will come to know what you've already suspected: you're beautiful!

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