Friday, November 20, 2009

It's over!

Looks like your votes and mine predicted the PROJECT RUNWAY winner! Here are some of my random thoughts that came to mind as I was watching last night's show:
  • Had the best introduction speech to her collection, but if exaggerated shoulder pads and hammer pants is considered futuristic - we have a problem.
  • I've noticed that she's able to smile and talk without opening her mouth; she would make a good ventriloquist.
Carol Hannah
  • I think she should have explained to the Bryant Park audience where she got her inspiration from to show a bit more passion and professionalism. I liked her photos of the gothic architecture from the college campus. As my mom pointed out, she is the one who looked the least like a "designer."
  • Even though I predicted Irina as the winner, I actually liked Carol Hannah's collection the best and would wear ALL of her pieces.
  • Way too much BLACK. I did not expect a dominatrix collection from her!
  • I liked her gray and tan oversized sweater and knit shrugs/cardigans. Not sure what all the fuss with the ONE t-shirt was about.
  • Christian (last season's winner) did a very costumey look as well. I only find about 1/4 of their collections wearable, although I do understand that couture is meant to be a fashion statement.
  • Kalyn (Irina's model) says the word "excited" a lot.
  • Still trying to figure out why if each of the 3 finalists use 13 models (one for each of their looks in their final collection) why models have to be eliminated as well as the designers each episode. Is it just for more drama, because the designer's model isn't what makes them win the final thing, afterall, they only model ONE of the THIRTEEN different looks!


  1. I also loved Carol Hannah's collection the best! And I definitely did NOT expect black from Irina. She needed some color/pattern.

  2. I meant to ask you about this and completely forgot when we talked. My Mom has also been watching and we both agreed that we liked Carol Hannah's collection and we were both a little disappointed in Irina's collection and felt some of the things she had done earlier in the show were much better.