Thursday, October 15, 2009

4-1-1 on the F L U scare!

With all of the worry talk going on in the news and around town, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with what to do to prepare/defend against the flu. Normally I don't get a flu shot since the one year that I did, I got sick anyway, but with a newborn baby at home, I know Bart and I should be doing everything possible to make sure he stays healthy. I think this article from the NY Times (thanks to them for the above pic as well) does a great job at clearing up some of the myths surrounding what we've been hearing.
The decision maker for Bart and I is that parents with a baby 6 months or younger are considered high priority to get a H1N1 shot. So after hearing this, Bart and I made the decision to get ours as soon as our local health dept can keep them in stock longer than a day! Also, BIG thanks to Rachel for her info on where to go here in Logan for vaccinations-, as well as the info on the option to request a preservative free shot.
As for our close friends and family members, we'll be leaving the decision on getting vaccinated up to you since we know none of you would expose yourself to our little one while experiencing any flu-like symptoms.
Best wishes for everyone to stay HEALTHY and FLU FREE this season!

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  1. Your NY Times link is broken.

    I will do my best to avoid the flu as I'm swept away in a rising tide of 5th grade snot and phlegm.