Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pregnancy Thoughts...

Things I love about being pregnant:
  • Having something tremendously life changing to look forward to.
  • Feeling every little movement from inside my belly.
  • Watching my body change to accommodate a new life.
  • Experiencing the anticipation of waiting to find out what its gender is.
  • Resigning from wearing restricting buttons or's all about the expandable waist bands!
  • Finding extra comfy flat walking shoes (no spring/summer heels for me!)
  • Hearing people in church say "Peace be with you, and your baby."
  • Having an excuse to pull out all of my old toys/books from my childhood days and feel like a kid again.
  • Creating my new favorite place in our house for Bart, Baby, and I to enjoy and relax in.
This list of things I love experiencing as a mom-to-be far outweigh my one-hundred-and-one (I counted yesterday) trips to the bathroom, removal of my wedding ring (due to swelling), and odd/negative comments from random people (I say that a pregnant belly comes with a sign on it that says "talk to me!"). I truly consider this time as a gift, and am very thankful to have had such a healthy experience so far. While we still have over a month to go, I'm in no hurry, as I know our baby will come whenever it's good and ready to!

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  1. I pretty much agree with you there- but I am getting impatient! I know he will come when he is ready BUT I just can't wait to see him! And you are 100% right, a pregnant belly is an open invitation!