Thursday, July 9, 2009

Benefits of Swimming

Last weekend my husband (Bart) and I went swimming at our local outdoor pool. While I've heard that most pregnant women love the weightless feeling of being in the water, I had a bad experience when I tried it earlier this year in a water aerobics class. The chlorine from the indoor pool was incredibly strong which gave my skin had a bad reaction, and I ended up re-straining my lower back. Over the past month or so, I've since had a strong desire to either be by water, or in it, so I found a swimsuit that fit and convinced Bart to join me. He and I have both really enjoyed all of the rain this summer, (Bart especially loves to watch the storms roll in) but boy was it nice to feel the refreshing chill in the heat of the day. At first we just happily bobbed about, did some doggie paddling, etc. then he went inside to bike while watching the Tour de France (his other love). I thought I would be getting out soon after that, but my body was so happy that I instead did something I've never done before and went into my own swimming lane! It was beyond amazing to have a designated strip of space for my ever-growing-body to freely enjoy. I then began to do various types of swimming up and down the lane and before I knew it, I was really working up a sweat! I also loved how I could feel myself using every one of my muscles, and surprisingly didn't find it too hard to do during this late stage of pregnancy. After researching the benefits of swimming online, I was happy to learn the following facts from this online article:
  • It is THE most effective and healthy cardiovascular exercise.
  • It has little (if any) impact on your joints.
  • It builds endurance and lung capacity.
  • It helps your blood circulate.
  • It RELAXES you mentally.
All week I've been telling Bart how I can't wait to go again this weekend; it's really changed my life! I even purchased a kiddie kick board and am looking forward to using it when I take my next dip. 


  1. Glad to hear you've rediscovered the water! Do you remember taking lessons as a Tadpole and a Pollwog when you were preschool age? You had the cutest little red swimsuit and were the first in your class to learn how to dive. Later you took additional lessons at Olympus and were very strong. We learned to protect your hair by applying cream rinse before you went into the pool - lots of tips and tricks with swimming. I used to love watching you swim. Sounds like you're having fun! Love your mother

  2. Thanks mom for introducing me to swimming! I do remember being a tadpole and a pollywog~ my how I've grown. I also appreciate you making sure I had a cute swimsuit and protecting my hair. That's a good tip for me now too! ;)