Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taga stroller/bike

So I was watching the season finale of tori & dean and noticed the cool Taga bikes they were riding with their kids strapped in front. 

I thought they looked supa hip and fun, so I showed them to my husband who agreed. Then we saw the pricetag of...$1,495.00!!!! Hello! I guess we'll be sticking with our good ol' Chicco. ;)  It would be awesome if they could be rented for the afternoon....maybe somewhere someday! Here's a bit more about the Taga from Parentdish

The Dutch are really quite clever. Not only did they give the world clogs, tulips and the incandescent Audrey Hepburn, now they've come up with an ingenious mode of parental transportation. 

Called the 
Taga, it's a three-wheeled bike with a stroller attached. But here's the beauty part: You can quickly snap up the bike and voila it's instantly transformed into just a stroller. So you can cycle to a café, sit down and indulge in a latte and a slab of chocolate cake and then cycle back (conveniently negating the guilt of gobbling down an oversize slice of cake).

The Taga, which just made its U.S. debut, took more than four years to develop. In Europe it's already snagged prestigious kiddie, design and biking awards.

The seat fits kids from 6 months to 6 years and it comes with some cool extras like an option to install an additional seat or for all you greenies, a shopping basket. So now you can cycle down to the local farmers market with child in tow and pick up some rhubarb. 

As far as we can tell the Taga has only one flaw, but it's a biggie. The price, it's a whopping $1,495. Yikes, that's a whole lot o' lattes and rhubarb.

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