Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This Old House

Aren't old homes cool? I've always been intrigued by striking architecture, whether it be modern, traditional, neo-classical, or non-conventional. I've also always loved the idea of restoring an old house. Bart shares in this dream, and appreciation for the character found in REAL solid wood, trim moldings, built-ins, and of course, a front covered porch.
The pics featured in this post are of the Thatcher-Young mansion here in Logan. It is also where AVA (Alliance of Varied Arts) operates out of. More info. as well as the pictures can be found on their website:
As a volunteer for AVA, I was notified of the need for the Thatcher-Young mansion to be cleaned as it is about to undergo some interior re-decorating. As a former Interior Design major, I remember how a former USU Interior Design professor of mine, Ms. Elizabeth Rogers, would always talk about the beautiful, turn-of-century homes and historical landmarks that Logan is so lucky to have.
The Thatcher-Young mansion is one of them, and as I stopped by to help out last night, found myself curiously thinking about why the floor plan is laid out the way that it is, and for what purpose it once served. I also began to imagine the type of people who once lived there, and what life was like during that time period.
My Grandpa Leo once said- no matter where you are, find out about its people. Find out about who they are and how they live. There is something to be learned about every place that you go, you just need to be willing enough to find it. I thought about his advice and decided to do some research about this historic mansion. So, even though Logan is a small town, and I've lived here once before, yesterday proved to me that something new can still be found in something old.

The beautiful Thatcher-Young Mansion was built in 1878 by G.W. Thatcher and his wife, Eunice Caroline (Luna) Young Thatcher. In 1999 the Cache Valley Center for the Arts restored the Victorian Mansion to the original design. On July 24, 2001 the Cache Valley Center for the Arts (then known as the Capitol Arts Alliance) held an open house reception and tours of this newly remodeled space. CVCA encouraged the Alliance for the Varied Arts to become the resident organization of this space. AVA had previously occupied the Bullen Center Art Gallery. The move greatly enhanced their ability to provide art classes, artist work spaces, and gallery display space. Together with CVCA, they help enrich the cultural opportunities in the Cache Valley Community. The Thatcher-Young Mansion is located at 35 West 100 South, just south of the Ellen Eccles Theatre. The Thatcher's love of beauty and pristine quality reigns throughout this spacious Queen Anne Victorian mansion. The Mansion is an architectural gem in its own right!

History of the Thatcher-Young Mansion as taken from:

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