Friday, August 28, 2009

Pregnancy Chic

I loved last night's episode of PROJECT RUNWAY- it was made just for me! I loved it because I think every pregnant woman should still feel pretty and stylish at every stage in her pregnancy, and this challenge showed that it is possible.
During my pregnancy I've found it very important to continue to have a variety of choices in my wardrobe (you have to since you grow more and more every week). Special thanks to my awesome Mom and sister, Jenna, for all of their help with that!
Here's a link to the designs from last night's challenge....I really liked Christopher's, (I think he'll be one of the finalists by the way) Irina's (although a bit low cut), but the judges were right, Shirin's (shown in the pic above...sorry, I couldn't get it to be any bigger) was definitely the best. Which one is your fav?


  1. Shirin's was definitely the best. I loved this episode!

  2. I was going to ask you if you saw this episode because I thought of you. This was my favorite and I thought it was the best also. Loving project runway by the way. I have the DVR set up to record them. Glad you told me it would be airing on lifetime!