Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where I'm From

Came across this post idea from this blog. Pretty fun to recollect some of the memories I have growing up...

My Child dolls, Popples, Pound Puppies, and Barbies
"Only boring people are boring"
Sweet Pickles
Road Trips
Main Street in New England, N.D. 
Polaroid camera (sorry, had to copy this one)
Shopping sprees on GAP's sale racks
Double pierced ears
Apple IIe computer
Bows and scrunchies to match our outfits
"There's always toast!"
Pack full of gum in our mouths- being told smacking our lips is for cows
Thinking sleeping outside meant we were camping
Cottonwood Mall
Lip Smackers chapstick in a gazillion different flavors
Pancakes for supper
Listening to Oldies 94.1 in the car
Asking/answering to dances on doorsteps 
Hands up Stands Up!
Going on bike rides
Being sung to sleep by mom 
Getting our backs rubbed by dad
3 in one bed
bunk beds
Girbaud jeans- too expensive! 
snow days
building forts
Walkmans with Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul playing on cassette tape
Taking turns teaching dances

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  1. Kate - I loved this post, and can relate first hand to a few of these memories! :) I started a similar list that I shared with my has grown to 12 pages already. So fun!

    <3 your cousin,
    -Maire :)